Michelle Love
Michelle Love
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Michelle is the Client Care & Operations Director on Team Wong. As Corinda's daughter, she was previously a Wong, but is now a Love. An esteemed alumnus of Mid-Pac Highschool and Gonzaga University, Michelle's educational background laid the foundation for a career marked by exceptional client service. She started her career in Washington, working in HR at Amazon, but ultimately decided to return home to be closer to her family.

Before embarking on a career in real estate, Michelle previously worked in Escrow, giving her a unique advantage to navigate the complexities of the entire transaction with ease and confidence.

Michelle has a deep commitment to understanding client’s needs, ensuring every interaction is tailored to delivering value and satisfaction, and ultimately to make the process of buying and selling homes as seamless and enjoyable as possible for clients. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of local market trends and proficient in the Escrow process, Michelle is adept at oversee the operational aspects that ensure smooth, successful transactions. Her unwavering dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and the personalized care that she provides to each client.

Michelle enjoys connecting with people and building new relationships. Her friendliness and approachability make others who work with her feel comfortable and at ease.